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Lyceex is shaping the future of learning! what will the learning of the future be like? Emerging technology such as Lyceex is paving the way for the future of education in wayswe may have yet to see. At the very least thought, lyceex predicts how learning in Colleges and Universities will be managed in time to come. Lyceex is potentially changing Educationfor the better. Lyceex will super-changed how we learn today.

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Lyceex for College/University

Lyceex integration at your College goes smoothly and produces positive results. Lyceex cancomplement lessons by making them more personalized and providing new ways for studentsto interact with the content and teachers. Lyceex use in your College fosters engagement,collaboration and achievement. Whether you are Rolling out a 1:1 program or planning to uptechnology use at your school, Lyceex is the solution to implement.

If your College/ University is still debating how Lyceex can benefits your students, teachers and administrators, we hate to break it to you, but the future of education is already here and you are missing an unbelievableamount of opportunities.

Lyceex for College/ University Administrative
  • Administrative stay productive with calls, video conferencing and chat.

  • Administrative Stay accessible to all their contacts via their personal phone.

  • Administrative communications stay organized in all the Academic departments.

  • Administrative can hold academic Presentation for projects or activities, Check, share files with colleagues in 1 to1, private or public chat rooms.

  • Administrative can set Academic meetings hours and sent notifications to other staffs for a selected subjects.

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Build Effective College/ University communities

Lyceex is an innovative learning tool which help College and University to build a learning environment BEYOND Campus boundaries to connect student, Teachers and Administrative with a shared goal of Education!

Increase Student participation for Training seminars

Lyceex Encourage Student-Teacher interactions in-session, provide networking for participants to collaborate using live contests.

Up level Administrative Engagement

With Lyceex ,College/ University Administrative meetings have never been more inclusive or engaging with interactive chats, reactions, video, Q&As, and more.

Conduct effective learning and training Sessions

Lyceex make learning fun and refreshing for your student and teachers. Boost in-session engagement, conduct smaller group sessions in rooms, and improve learning environment.

Conferences, Meetings and Lectures

Lyceex makes it easy for your students to attend Conferences, Lectures or Meeting outside the Campus or from home. Lyceex makes it easy for Teachers and Professors and Administrative to attend Faculty or Administrative Meetings from any location.

Expand your Campus life

Lyceex helps maintain a connected campus experience without geographic constraints. Excite prospective students about your campus life and keep traditions alive for current students, alumni, and faculty and Administrative

You are using a good App

We are here to help you connect to Lyceex, and start learning at your university or College, so you can achieve more together. We are proud to be trusted by millions of student and many Universities and Colleges.

Lyceex Key Features

Lyceex for Academia includes a Cloud phone, HD video conferencing, chat, directory services and more.

Video Webinar
Conference Room
Call System
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